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Whenever you are travelling or simply going around the city trying to reach a destination, you cannot always be able to check on your vehicle before every trip. There is always a possibility of a breakdown and when that happens, you do not usually think about it or prepare for it for that matter. Accidents are also possible although as much as possible, we always hope they do not happen. When things like these happen, you will probably be in the middle of the road, helpless and scared, not knowing who to contact. In events like these, your best bet will be calling friends and family. Yes, you should let them know but they will not be able to do much immediately. When situations like these happen, always call your trusted towing service provider.

Here at Flatbed Towing Hollywood, we respond immediately to your call to help you get to the nearest shop for repairs or tow your car safely to your destination or back to your home, so you could get through the day and figure out solutions to whatever damage incurred.

We are able to tow whatever vehicle- regular cars, luxury cars, motorcycles, light to heavy duty towing, we always make sure we can get your car off the road, so you can get your car serviced as soon as possible. Besides towing cars, we also offer roadside assistance for whenever you need start ups, lockout assistance, gasoline delivery, or flat tire changes for times when you are stuck and cannot seem to get help. We make help come your way. Our company also offers a high quality and inexpensive services like cheap towingmotorcycle towingjump start car and mor.


Additional Services

Flatbed towing is a popular type of towing used by numerous towing companies. It is considered the best and sometimes the only way to transport a vehicle depending on the damage. Some benefits of flatbed towing include:

  1. It does not cause damage (or additional damage for some cases) to your vehicle. The vehicle is secured tightly to ensure zero movement, the vehicle will not be used, the tires will not be worn out as compared to wheel lift towing which is also popular in other companies and no one will get anywhere near your car except our team. Your vehicle will not be on the road with the possibility of swaying and getting hit by other cars since it is secured on the truck’s flatbed. You can be sure that we will take care of your vehicle and we will not cause any damage.
  2. It is the more universal option. In special cases, damages to the car can cause the wheels to be immobile. In situations like these, flatbed towing becomes the only option.
  3. It is easier and more efficient. People who work in the towing business prefer flatbed towing since it is much more convenient- no more worrying about the wheel alignment or the lights, all they have to do is load the car on the truck and make sure it is secured.

The loading process is fairly simple. First, the technician will bring down the back of the flatbed towards the road. Then, hooks are attached to the vehicle in order for it to be pulled up onto the flatbed. If the vehicle is in good condition and is drivable, the technician will simply drive the vehicle onto the flatbed. Once it is on, it is secured to make sure it does not move throughout the travel and that there will be no damage to the vehicle. Check also our wrecker service and flat tire service.

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Our team will also diagnose your situation if ever you are not sure what happened and what service you need to avail. We will be there to help you every step of the way and we ensure a stress free process all throughout. Our team will arrive to the site first to assess the problem and situation when you are not sure what to do. Then, we will proceed to contacting the station to have a truck sent or we will do repairs on site if that’s what is needed.

Our technicians and on site teams have undergone years of training and experience. They will always be able to handle any kind of emergency calmly and professionally. In addition to that, our in office staff will definitely give you top quality service. Calls and queries will be answered immediately, teams will be dispatched as soon as possible as well. Our customer service team are well trained professionals who will definitely get the job done.

Under flatbed towing, we have the following services:

  1. Light duty towing- used for small cars, motorcycles and small trailers. You will not need to worry whether our trucks are too big for your vehicle, or your vehicle is too small for our trucks. We make sure your small vehicle is properly secured and that it will not move at all throughout the journey.
  2. Medium duty towing- for RVs, vans and motor homes. Our sophisticated towing equipment will get your vehicles from point A to point B effectively and in no time.
  3. Heavy duty towing- for larger motorhomes, buses and trucks. Most customers who avail heavy duty towing services are doing this for business. So, we ensure quick response to be able to keep their businesses on track and we ensure that they do not lose money by being on the road for too long.
  4. Wheel lift towing- flatbed trucks are large and sometimes cannot reach certain areas such as places with low clearance and tight parking lots due to their size. When the situation calls for it, wheel lift towing will be recommended.

So when a situation calls for towing, do not hesitate to call Flatbed Towing Hollywood. Where you can get top quality service for an affordable price. With a wide array of services, experienced on site and in office staff, and state of the art equipment and materials, we are sure we will not only get the job done but we will always aim to exceed your expectations. We will be at your service as soon as possible!

Really good towing service and didn't ask for too much. Thank you for a great service. Surely I will contact them again.
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Honest, professional and friendly staff. Helped me out from being stuck immediately. Highly recommended!
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High quality and affordable service. Keep it up and cheers for the team!
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