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The worst thing that can happen to your travel is when some trouble and incidents happen. Such as dead batteries, running out of fuel, flat tires, and more troublesome situations. If your car’s battery is starting to lose its energy, you need a jumpstart car service to regain its power. Proudly to say that our company Jumpstart Car Service “Towing Hollywood” can be your savior on the road! Not anyone can help you with this dilemma, because it is too dangerous and can affect your health, it can also cause you to more costly damage. Choose Towing Service in Hollywood FL and save money.

Each one in the firm is professional and experienced, they also undergo training to ensure accomplishing their work with high-quality. We’ve been in this industry for over 20-30 years, that’s why we can assure you that we are a trusted and professional Jumpstart car service. In case you find yourself in this kind of situation, don’t worry! Jumpstart Car Service in Hollywood, FL can give your car the spark needed! Just call us at 954-360-8245 for more information! Aside from that, our company is also offer other affordable and high-quality services like wrecker serviceflat tire servicemotorcycle towing and more.


About Our Services

How long can a battery last?

A car battery should last for about five years. A battery is a vital or heart of your vehicle, it provides energy to your light, engine, and other electrical systems. Without the battery, it will not run. If your battery is starting to lose its energy even if it’s not its five years life, you need a jumpstart service to fix it and regain the power. Glad to tell you that, our company offers a trusted and quality jumpstart service you can only experience in Hollywood, FL!

Our service

As one of the top performing Jumpstart services, we have a lot of things that can offer to you, here are a few of them:

Anytime, anywhere

Our service offers 24/7 jumpstart car service, that’s why you don’t have to worry if you experience this dilemma during late nights because we are here to save you on the road anytime! In case you’re in Hollywood then you suddenly got an issue to your battery, we can jump off right to your place, we are servicing around Hollywood, FL. Just call us anytime and anywhere! That’s why our company is offer 24 hour towing service in Hollywood FL.

Membership cards are not required

We are servicing for everyone, we can help you regardless if you are a frequent or new customer. Our company is open and willing to accept all the customer’s call, you don’t need to avail of a membership card just to avail of our service! In addition, we do not charge an additional service even if you are a new member, you will only pay for the service you need.

An easy process on payment

Our company also offers a hassle-free payment process. We are accepting debit and credit card if you’re not with your cash, so you don’t need to worry if your money is not with you.

No hidden charges

We assure you that you will only pay what you avail on us. You will only pay on our agreed payment, we will give a receipt on the service you avail in a flat-rate, no surprise or hidden payment! So, what are you waiting for? If you experience this dilemma and you’re in Hollywood, FL, don’t forget our jumpstart car service we can do a highest-quality job at an affordable price!

Is it okay to Jumpstart your car?

We do not recommend jump starting your car by yourself. Jump-starting without enough knowledge and equipment is very dangerous and risky, it can also cause you to more costly damage if you do not know how to properly jump start it. Some of the old model vehicles have sensitive electronics and features that can cause to explode and damage your vehicle if you incorrectly jump-starting it.

We suggest that you hire a professional and trusted service that can accomplish it for you. If you are looking for that service, look no more because we are here to help you out! Our technicians are knowledgeable enough to accomplish the jump start of your car and regain its power. In addition, we also have innovative equipment that assures you that no casualty damage will happen.

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Jump Start Car (2)

 Symptoms you can feel if your battery is about to lose its energy

The battery is like your vehicle’s heart, your vehicle will not function if the battery is dead. It will not have the power to start, lighten the lights, move, and more. So, it is required and important for you to know when do you need to replace your battery. 

Here are the signs that your vehicle’s battery is about to die:

Engine cranks but will not continue to start

This is the common signs that your vehicle’s battery will about to die. If you are starting the engine, but it won’t start, we believe that the culprit is your battery. Though it can be the starter or your key, we are 90% sure that your battery is the problem. If you experience this situation, all you need to do is call our service Jumpstart Car Service and we’ll do the job for you!

Nothing happens

If you are trying to start your car using your key and nothing happens, most likely your battery is already dead and need a jumpstart service to reacquire its vitality. Our jumpstart service can help you with your problem just call us for more information!

You are using your battery for 5 years and above

A car battery will only last for at least four years, five years is the maximum life capacity of it. The old battery will cause you more trouble and stressful experience. If you are jumpstarting your car’s battery a lot of times, it is better for you to replace it with a new one. Our expert technicians will honestly tell you that if your current vehicle’s battery can still be used or not if we cannot do anything more to your battery, that’s the time you will only need to replace it.

If you need a hand to start your car, don’t hesitate to call our service! We are a group of expert technicians that will assure you that you’ll enjoy our service! We’re always ready to help you up!

Really good towing service and didn't ask for too much. Thank you for a great service. Surely I will contact them again.
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Honest, professional and friendly staff. Helped me out from being stuck immediately. Highly recommended!
Kimberley U. (Hollywood, Fl)
High quality and affordable service. Keep it up and cheers for the team!
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