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Find yourself right in the middle of a vehicular accident? You might find yourself spiraling into a panic, but do try to get yourself together. Panicking is not going to make the situation go away nor will it magically get you back on the road again. 

Here’s what’s going to happen in the next few minutes (or hours depending on how fast you can get yourself together). If all things go as smoothly, then you will have nothing to worry about. Of course, it will probably help if you get in the mindset that whatever roadside accident may have just happened, you can depend on us, Towing Hollywood, to assist you. 

The first thing you should do: Check for injuries.

Did a tire blow out? Did you skid down the road? Did you hit the back of another car? Whatever the situation may be, make sure that you and your passengers are safe and secure. Try not to panic as you conduct your inspection. If you are the driver, try to stay on top of the situation–secure the safety of the people you are responsible for first. 

If there are people injured in the car, call 911 and explain the situation in as much detail as you can. Make sure that you keep the injured as comfortable as possible. Try not to move them in case of broken bones or the sort. 

The next thing to do: Move the vehicle to the side of the road.

The last thing that you want to do is to cause further traffic. This will just be distressing to you, your passengers, and the other motorists. So, be courteous enough to slowly move the car to the side. 

If pulling to the side does not seem to be like a viable option, then at least get you and your passengers to safety. Of course, don’t forget to put up your traffic cones to warn other drivers of the accident so they can slow down. 

The third step: Don’t forget to call your insurance. 

If the damage to your car was caused by an accident and it needs apparent repairs, then don’t forget to inform your insurance agent right away. Otherwise, you can go ahead and proceed to the next step. 

The fourth (and most important) step: Take care of your car. Give us a call for assistance!

Don’t forget to care for your trusty vehicle as well. If you need us to bring it to your mechanic or need us to work on it on the spot, you can simply give us a call. We offer our services regardless of any type of vehicular wreckage. 

Wherever you may be in Hollywood, we’ll send a team on your way! Check our other high quality and affordable services like jump start carlocked out of carpop a lock and more.


Who is Towing Hollywood?

We are the guys who have made it our personal mission to keep the citizens of Hollywood (and its passersby) safe and secure in case of automobile wrecks. 

We have serviced the area of Hollywood FL for a decade and a half now. What started out as a dream in the garage of our founders has quickly expanded into a full-blown operation with a fleet of trucks ready for dispatch at any time. We can boast of the best and most reliable technology in towing and in quick car fixes. 

Our service crew are the best of the best in Hollywood too! Regularly trained professionally, these guys are eager to help you out of your situation anytime. We take licensing and training very seriously here at Towing Hollywood. We make sure that our knowledge of vehicles can keep up with the rapidly updating industry of automotives. That’s why our company offers 24 hour towing service in Hollywood FL.

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Our Services:

We offer a myriad of services that you can enjoy. We outline our top three services below. If you want to know more about our offerings or would like to know our rates, talk to our customer services representatives now!

Wrecker Service
No matter how meticulous you are with taking care of your vehicle, roadside accidents are bound to happen. It may be something as simple as an overused tire, or your car’s battery may simply have given up. Whatever the cause may have been, Towing Hollywood is here and ready to dispatch our truck to get to you as quickly as possible.
We put a premium in our fast response and even conduct drills to make sure that we always stay on our tiptop shape when it comes to responding to situations like yours.

Winching Your Vehicle Out of a Ditch
We don’t just specialize in regular towing too. We also have the capacity to winch your car in case it is stuck somewhere in a ditch. And it doesn’t always have to be in a ditch. Sometimes, your vehicle could get stuck in cement, mud, or even sand. If revving up your engine seems like a futile thing to do to salvage your car, then give us a call now. Our guys are here and ready to give you the assistance that you need.

Motorcycle Towing

If you need to get your motorcycle from one point to another, then we can help with that too. You might think that this task is just as simple as mounting your motorcycle on top of a truck, but the handling is much more delicate than this. This is especially true if you value your motorcycle and would like to avoid any type of dent or scratch on its surface.
What we offer is the best possible towing bed that can get this job done for you. We will make sure that your motorcycle is secure in the back of our truck as we transport it from one place to another. Check our motorcycle towing.

If it is quality service and affordable rates that you are looking for, then we are the guys that you need on your team.

Learn more about Towing Hollywood from our friendly customer services representatives today. Call us!

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Honest, professional and friendly staff. Helped me out from being stuck immediately. Highly recommended!
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High quality and affordable service. Keep it up and cheers for the team!
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